Tavor T.A.R. 21 – Weapon of the Future

Tavor T.A.R. 21 Standard Version

Tavor, the new Israeli assault rifle is lightweight, compact and ergonomically designed to become an “organic” part of the warfighter. It has already been chosen to arm the Israeli (IDF) and Indian elite troops, and is aggressively marketed worldwide, to become a weapon of choice for future infantry combat suits.

The name “T.A.R. 21” stands for “Tavor Assault Rifle 21st Century”.

Tavor is based on extensive research and development and close cooperation with the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). It was selected by the IDF in 2003, following an extensive competition against the M4. The plant is gearing up to serial production delivering thousands of rifles starting 2006. The Givati infantry brigade is the first unit to be equipped with the new rifle, gradually fielding the new weapon, beginning with all Summer 2006 new recruits. By March 2007, the Golani infantry brigade and the Kfir infantry brigade are scheduled to get the new weapons, completing the initial procurement batch of 15,000 assault rifles.

Unlike conventional assault rifles, Tavor was developed to produce effective, fast and accurate fire in all conditions, including close combat. Its ergonomic design enables the soldier to operate the weapon as part of an integrated weapon system – such system does not rely only on technology, the system must rely on the human senses and capabilities, and respond best to the human needs. Tavor is well balanced and easily operated with a single (right or left) hand. Specific models can be configured for right or left handed users.

With its integral optical sight, it can be aimed and fire accurately with both eyes opened, maintaining constant eye contact with the target, improving the soldier’s peripheral vision and maintaining effective situational awareness. The compact weapon fits comfortably, aimed instinctively and fired instantly and effectively even by a heavily loaded warfighter, in tight enclosures, where the use of longer weapons is impractical. All Tavor models use flat-top design to accommodate advanced sights and accessories. The current model selected by the IDF is produced of black composites (the original was olive green), some models, such as the sharpshooter version uses Mil-Std 1913 (Picatinny) rail attachment mounting optical sights and other accessories. All versions have a foldable iron sights for backup.

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SA80 – the Most Accurate Assault Rifle

L85A1 rifle. Carrying handle and front sight instead of more common SUSAT sight

SA80 (Small Arms for 1980s) is the designation for a revolutionary family of assault weapons. On its introduction, the L85 Individual Weapon (IW) proved so accurate that the Army marksmanship tests had to be redesigned. The British Army uses the L85 Individual Weapon that replaced the rifle and sub-machine gun, and the L86 Light Support Weapon (LSW) that produces higher volumes of fire and is effective at longer ranges. An infantry section consists of two four-man fire teams armed with SA80s: three IWs and one LSW.

Both weapons have been modified in light of operational experience, and had a major mid-life update in 2002, which resulted in the SA80A2 series – the most reliable weapons of their type in the world.

One new Under slung Grenade Launcher (UGL), designed to be mounted beneath the barrel of the IW, will be issued to each fire team, replacing the Rifle Grenade General Service (RGGS) and 51mm mortar – significantly reducing the ammunition load the infantry section carries, while enhancing its capabilities. The UGL will be able to fire 40mm High Explosive (HE), smoke and illuminating rounds out to a range of 350 m to destroy, obscure or indicate enemy positions.

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XM8 – Lightweight Assault Rifle System


The XM8 assault rifle is a proposed replacement for the current M16 rifle and M4 carbine, the standard infantry weapons in today’s US military. The XM8 action is based upon the Heckler & Koch G36, a tried and true infantry weapon with a reputation for toughness and reliability.

The XM29 OICW project, which combined both an assault rifle and a smart grenade launcher, turned out to be too heavy, fragile, and expensive. The rifle part of the XM29 was adapted to become the XM8. The smart grenade launcher part of the XM29 is being developed separately as the XM25.

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Safe Action

The Glock TriggerThe “Safe Action” is a special constant double action which Glock developed to be used in the vast majority of their pistols. The action is very similar to the quick action used by Walther and other pistol manufacturers. The system consists of a striker-engaged firing pin (rather than a more traditional hammer-engaged). It uses additional precautions to prevent the firing pin from moving or being struck if the firearm were to be dropped or shaken; it has a physical firing pin safety just for this reason. It is specifically designed so that the firearm will only fire when the trigger is pulled.

Trigger System

The “Safe Action” system is a partly tensioned firing pin lock, which is moved further back by the trigger bar when the trigger is pulled. Then the trigger is pulled, 3 safety features are automatically deactivated one after another. When doing so, the trigger bar is deflected downward by the connector and the firing pin is released under full load. When the trigger is released, all three safety features re-engage and the Glock pistol is automatically secured again.

Trigger Safety

As the first of the three Glock “Safe Action” safety features, the trigger safety prevents inadvertent firing by lateral forces on the trigger. Releasing the trigger will automatically reactivate the safety.

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Glock 17 – Global Pistol


The Glock 17 in caliber 9×19 is the most widely used law enforcement pistol worldwide. Because of its unsurpassed reliability, above-average magazine capacity of 17 cartridges in the standard magazine and its low weight, it is trusted by law enforcement officers in their daily duties throughout the world. It is safe, easy and quick to use through the revolutionary “Safe Action” trigger system.

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